Specialised Sectors

Specializētās nozares, Մասնագիտացված ոլորտներ, Sérhæfðir geirar

Each sector has its own terms, jargon and target audience, which is why we translate and adapt the texts according to the purpose for which the work is being carried out.

Health Sciences - Medicine

Did you know that the quality of a scientific translation can affect people's lives?

For this reason, we take care of every detail in the translation, avoiding any spelling or grammatical error that could slow down the development of a new drug or study.

We translate instructions for use that are understandable to the consumer-reader.

We offer our service with the seriousness and quality that this area of research deserves.

Legal - Advocacy

In the field of legal translation there are not only cultural differences, but also legal differences.

This means that the translation must be adapted to both the country of origin and the country of destination. At Suyana Translations we have professional translators specialised in different areas of practice such as commercial and financial law, stock market, acquisitions, European law, legal matters regarding labour, administration, crime, tax…

Public Administrations

In a multicultural society, it has become clear that it is essential to solve language barriers in the public administration sector.

Administration encompasses all areas of life. Although each area deals with one subject at administrative level, they are interrelated.

Our translation company has specialised and versatile translators to achieve the fusion between the different areas that the public sector deals with.

Expert translators in social security, immigration, public debt, statistics, legislation, etc.


| Tourism translation is perhaps one of the most sought-after, as tourism moves millions of people every year and its main objective is to reach every place on the planet. 

Communication is the basis of every relationship and to reach all potential customers we need them to understand our message easily and in their mother tongue.

With a specialised translation you will: 

  • Increase the number of potential customers
  • Present a serious and professional image
  • Be understood and recognised anywhere in the world


"Translating is a journey through a foreign country".

 – George Steiner


Technological development has been growing steadily since its inception. 

Today, this sector not only attaches importance to its growth, but has also seen the need to adapt to users regarding ease of use and security, among others.

This highlights the fact that the user’s experience depends to a large extent on linguistic adaptation in order to understand the use of technological developments.

Industry - Factories - Automotive

In the industrial sector, speed and precision are needed in order to be able to market successfully all the machinery, equipment and vehicles that are manufactured. 

For this, it is essential to have correct and timely multilingual documentation.

Our translation agency is staffed by experienced professionals who produce such documents in a fast and accurate manner.

Translation Agency

We help you go as far as you want. We expand markets, translate specific documents and certify their validity.