About Suyana

About Suyana, Dwar suyana, Über Suyana, Pili ana iā suyana

Translation company in Barcelona, Madrid and online. We are not limited by language or space. 

Suyana means hope in Quechua and that is why we surmount any obstacle that may face us and your project.

A few years ago this translation agency was just a dream, today we translate specialised and/or sworn texts, we subtitle and transcribe in all languages, thanks to our team of professional translators.

Each project has a touch of...

Chaque projet a une touche de…



In our Agency we know the desire and dedication that goes into the creation of a new project, because we felt the same passion when we created Suyana and in every translation we do.



For us, close communication with customers is a requisite for achieving a result that exceeds their expectations.

"The translator is an author’s accomplice".

Jorge González Moore



We are aware that in the society in which we live, information has the capacity to travel in a second to any part of the globe, which is why we adapt all texts to their destination.

"Translation is the essence of modern civilisation".

I.B. Singer



Accuracy is one of the factors required in industries such as scientific, legal, financial..., at Suyana we value and extend this need to all sectors.

"Translating from one language into another is the most delicate of intellectual exercises [...] To take a fragment in Greek and translate it into English without spilling a drop - what a pleasant skill!"

Ciryl Connolly



Our translation company knows that time is money, so we take this into account and try to be as fast and flawless as possible.

Translation Agency

We help you go as far as you want. We expand markets, translate specific documents and certify their validity.