Audiovisual translation

Аудиовизуальный перевод, Traduction audiovisuelle, 視聽翻譯, audiovisuell översättning

We do Transcription and Subtitling so that your projects can reach whomever you want.


Do you want to transfer a written text or recording to a digital text?

More and more often we need to transfer analogue content into the digital domain. The content may be handwritten notes, recordings or tapes that have been collected from calls, conferences, trials..., regardless of the language in which they have been compiled.

At Suyana Translations we provide transcriptions in any language and in any format.


Thinking of reaching out to a wider audience?

The subtitling technique is used to facilitate understanding for the audience, who may either be unfamiliar with the source language or have a hearing impairment.

This consists of translating and adapting the information that is presented by sound and placing it textually at the bottom of the screen in a synchronised manner.

Subtitling is used in documentaries, videos for marketing, training, instruction…

Translation Agency

We help you go as far as you want. We expand markets, translate specific documents and certify their validity.