Translation of texts

Tłumaczenie tekstu, ترجمه متون, ग्रंथों का अनुवाद, Traduzione di testi

We translate your texts into all languages.

Certified Translation

Do you need a text with international validity?

In this era in which we practically live in a globalised society, in which borders are increasingly disappearing and we can easily reach any place on the planet, it is essential to adapt legal documentation to each country.

At Suyana Translations we translate, validate and certify with the stamp and signature of a Certified Translator.

  • Certificates
  • Contracts
  • Diplomas
  • Court rulings

Specialised Translation

Have you carried out a study and want it translated?

We do translations for specific sectors. We ensure that the terminology used is correct for the sector in question.  

For a correct translation in specific subjects, the translator must know the sector to which the translation belongs, which is why we have specialised professionals.

Some examples include: legal, financial, medical, scientific translation.

Technical Translation

Do you have a document with technical terms that only an expert could understand or adapt?

| Technical translation is one of the most demanded in daily life, as it deals with documents such as: instructions for use of a product, engineering projects, patents and similar.

It is of utmost importance to know the jargon and technical terms, commonly used, in the industrial sector

Proofreading and editing

Do you want to make sure a translation is correct?

We will carefully compare the original document and the translation to check the quality of the resulting text

We will check for spelling, grammatical or typographical errors, style and terminology, thus avoiding loss of value.

With editing we will ensure the correct structure and guarantee the appropriateness for the target audience.

Translation Agency

We help you go as far as you want. We expand markets, translate specific documents and certify their validity.